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I am a visual artist from West Yorkshire, exploring themes of the Anthropocene and humanity’s connection with nature in my paintings. As well as exploring methods of creating my own environmentally friendly art supplies.

In my work i utilise historical symbolism of various plants, trees and flowers to highlight the juxtaposition between past and present perceptions of nature, showing how disconnected we have become from the natural world. One of the main questions i ask with my work is. Can humanity’s relationship with nature be restored by reminiscing on the connection and appreciation we once had for it?

Created with botanical made from various flowers, leaves and rainwater my work is environmentally friendly and mimics the natural life cycle of all living beings. As the inks may eventually fade and the fabric will fray.

Installation View

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The Oak

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The Tulip

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The Magnolia

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The Laurel

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Keywords: Natural, Anthropocene, Figurative, environment, tapestry

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