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About me

I love using traditional media to create vibrant, engaging illustrations. In my picture books I use bold colours and varied compositions to make every page-turn elicit an emotional response from the reader, connecting them to the story.

During my masters I have focused mainly on developing two original books. The first, “Caveman Spaceman” is about learning how to handle feeling angry and frustrated. This is something I struggled with as a young child, so I tried to make a book that might have helped me at that age. Caveman Spaceman was highly commended for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2022.

The second book, “What is a Butterfly?”, is a non-fiction picture book showcasing interesting facts about butterflies. I wanted to create a book that could inspire a love of wildlife in future generations, and tried to make the images as magical as possible while staying true to the non-fiction genre.

Here you can see a selection of images from my two major MA projects, “Caveman Spaceman” and “What is a Butterfly?”


  • Shortlisted - 2021 Carmelite Prize
  • Highly Commended - The Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2022

Caveman learns ways to feel more calm, including spending some time outside.

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Caveman and Spaceman getting some fresh air.

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Spaceman's personal favourite way to relax -

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The final spread of Caveman Spaceman.

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Illustrating the mysterious process of metamorphosis!

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The annual migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico.

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Butterfly house - a double-page spread from

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The final spread of

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Keywords: illustration, traditional media, children's book illustration, picture books, colour, pencil, watercolour, mark-making, character design, fiction, non-fiction

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