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Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

I’m Lauren Wright, an enthusiastic architecture student driven by a passion for excellence and a love for intricate design.

Through out my time at Uclan I have learnt so many new things such as 3D modelling, and visualisation enables me to bring concepts to life with meticulous attention to detail and a touch of artistic expression. Effective communication and collaboration have played vital roles in presenting my ideas and receiving valuable feedback from peers and faculty, And due to this I have noticed how my style and quality of work has grown over the past 3 years.

Embarking on my architectural journey, I feel humbled by the opportunity to make a positive impact through innovative design. I eagerly anticipate learn so much more and creating spaces that inspire and uplift the human experience. I always remain conscious of the privilege and responsibility that comes with shaping our built environment.

Sea to the Stars – Project 1

Welcome to Southport Pier Planetarium, a celestial destination at the end of Southport’s pier. Journey through the cosmos in our sphere-shaped structure, inspired by majestic planets.

Horizon Primary – Project 2

Welcome to Horizon Primary School! Learn practical cooking, budget-friendly meals. Use affordable ingredients, make clever substitutions, and foster a love for cooking.

Natures Skyline Community Centre – Project 3

Join Natures Skyline Community Centre: volunteer in gardening, promote sustainability. Help maintain the park, learn gardening skills, and contribute to a greener community.

Project 1 - Upper Floor Plan -Planetarium

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Project 1 - North-East Section - Planetarium

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Project 1 - External Perspective

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Project 2 - Axonometric Perspective

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Project 2 - Proposed North-West Section

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Project 2 - Classroom Perspective

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Project 3 - Axonometric

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Project 3 - Ground Floor Plan Key Areas

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Project 3 - Window Placement Inspired by Dry Wall Cladding

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Project 3 - Model photos and Cafe and Green House Perspectives

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Keywords: Southport Pier, Architecture, Design, Curved, Planetarium, Primary School, Community centre, Sustainability

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