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Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

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During my time at UCLan, I have gained many skills such as patten cutting, sewing, using adobe illustrator/photoshop. This has allowed me to gain so much knowledge and understanding what goes on in creating a garment. I have realised the time and effort that goes into this. Coming from a non fashion background, when starting this course I came with a blank canvas and now I have filled that with creativity and inspiration. This course has allowed me to gain so much confidence, this has inspired me to go on and create my own clothing brand, having my own line in the future. Modest fashion has played a big part in my final collection and will be implemented in my next projects/future collections.

During my final year, having multiple projects has allowed me to organise my time and making sure each one is up to professional standards. My final collection journey has been challenging yet rewarding. Creating toiles for each outfit allowed me to understand what it would look like in real fabric, preparing me for my final design. My main focus was using traditional fabrics and using an appliqué technique, this was very challenging and time consuming however, seeing the outcome made it worthwhile. I plan to continue to use these methods in my future endeavours.

Keywords: cultural, modest, elegant, vibrant, detailed, traditional, prints, India, occasion, unique, universal, applique

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