Marcus Rodriguez

Master of Animation

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About me

I am 2D character animator, strongly inspired by cartoons from the early 20th century.

I am part time member of small independent gaming company called ‘North Dragon Games’ (NDG) based in North Wales, where I am a concept illustrator for the games. I was also nominated by the tutors at UCLan to enter my short animated films into the ‘Royal Television Society’ (RTS) two years in a row.

The aim of this project is to tell a short, animated story using non-verbal communication with an emphasis on body language to be able to convey how the characters are feeling. Nonverbal communication includes colour, clothing and Mise-en-scène. By using very minimal dialogue, and focusing on body language, this project will hopefully show the importance of how a simple drawing can convey emotions and thoughts, building on existing analogue 2D animation in a digital format to explore body language.

Concept Art for Ghost Character

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Background Art of Dessert

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Sheriff Office Concept Art

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Keywords: Animation, Hand Drawn, Cartoon, Classic