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Mia Boardman

Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

After high school I attended Kendal College for 3 years studying Level 2 Diploma in Art and Design (Distinction) and Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design (Merit). During this Period I also undertook work experience locally at a printers, at the hospital and also worked for a charity. The reason I want to be an Architect is because I have always had a fascination with buildings, especially with old buildings and their history. I really enjoy the idea of working in restoration and sustainability and I feel like that is where my future lies. Whilst at University I have developed my skills further with the following software: Photoshop, AutoCAD, Revit, InDesign and Illustrator. In my Spare time, I’m a keen photographer and I am currently collecting vintage cameras and take photos with black and white film, which I have made an Instagram account for: ‘fade_to_black_and_white’.

Project One, Immersed Learning: An introduction to Southport, studying its urban and architectural characteristics and to produce a design along the Southport Pier that is in need of a learning space for a client of choice. Project Two, Responsible Creativity Generation 2040: A primary school aimed in the year 2040 that focuses on a main speciality that we would imagine the future generation will need. Project Three, Inclusion and Intergeneration: A community centre for healthy ageing and wellbeing for people to come together and develop physically and mentally.

Keywords: reliable, motivated, loyal, digital, adventurous, passionate, creative, artistic

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