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Mark Pontanares

Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

Born in Nabua, Philippines and raised in Bristol, UK, I came to UCLan to study Architecture as I was always interested in pursuing a career in design.

Coming from a Product Design background from secondary school and sixth form showed me that I enjoyed the creative aspect of learning and improving at each step in the process.

Outside of architecture my interests include gaming, travelling and being the Social Secretary of UCLan’s Filipino Society which won Best New Society 2022-23 and shortlisted for Society of the Year.

Knowing that Architecture gives me opportunities for hands-on experience and learning, I am looking to do a year out in practice upon graduating and seeking Part 1 placement before continuing with MArch.

Immersive Learning

An introduction to Southport to design a place of learning using simulators to teach visitors how to operate speedboats within Southport’s Marine Lake.

Project 2: Responsible Creativity

Southport school project that specializes in performing arts. An open plan of the design allows the space to be used for performances, exhibitions and assemblies.

Project 3: Inclusion and Intergenerationality

A Lisbon based community centre focusing on healthy aging and wellbeing. This is represented as a rehabilitation retreat in Northeast Lisbon for recovering drug users seeking treatment and staying healthy and active using sports facilities in and around the programme

Project 1: Exterior Perspective

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Project 1: Isometric Section

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Porject 1: Interior Perspective

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Project 2: Exterior Perspective

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Project 2: Interior Hall Perspective

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Project 2: Exploded Axonometric

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Project 3: Axonometric

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Project 3: Supervised Injection Site Interior Perspective

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Project 3: Community Hall Interior Perspective

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Project 3: Treatment Building Exterior Perspective

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Keywords: Simulator, Learning space, Southport, Performing Arts, School, Lisbon, Community Centre, Rehabilitation, Treatment, Healthy Aging and Wellbeing, Sports

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