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Mel Wells

Art & Design (Foundation Entry)

About me

I come from a theatre background, and have previously struggled to see myself as creative, but I love to make things (usually in the medium of sewing).

The foundation year has been eye opening for me, and while the year itself has been a difficult one for me, I have learned so much about how to research effectively, and how using other people’s minds and opinions can be really helpful when creating work. I can’t wait to go into my textiles degree next year!

The foundation year is built around the learning of research, and how to put that into your own work. I’ve heard the phrase ‘steal like an artist’ thrown around, and it’s so true. You have to take inspiration from existing things, because nothing is new in this world.

Throughout the year I had chance to create a wide variety of work, all based on the research (which I initially found difficult to do properly for an art foundation), and went wanting to do Graphic Design, to choosing a textiles degree insread.

Keywords: digital, textiles, graphics, texture, colour, create, research

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