Nicola Breach

Master of Fine Art

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About me

After completing my fine art degree, and PGCE in art and design. I entered a long career as an art teacher. In recent years it has become a clear ambition to further develop my own creative practice and return to study an MA in fine art.

When I started the MA course I was a printmaking specialist, creating landscape etchings and exhibiting at; Warrington Art Gallery, Home Manchester, Creative Recycling Gallery Manchester and Blyth Gallery London. The MA has opened up many creative possibilities; to work on a larger scale, using mixed media combined with print, also allowing a connection with my meditation practice to inform my art-making. I wish to continue to develop as a professional artist and work with institutions offering meditation and creativity workshops.

Meditation and creativity go together as one contributes to and enhances the other. For me making drawings act as a bridge between the artwork and the meditation: Impressions from the outside interact with eye, mind, breath, hand, and surface. I like to collect objects and contemplate their origin and current condition. My work is subject to chance operations that occur when applying and removing collaged elements and materials. My connection with wood is a spiritual and symbolic experience; the tree is a functioning living material, that transforms into a multitude of temporary states during its life and subsequent death.

MA exhibition space

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Foreground:Waste Path, Background left: Conjunction, right: As Above

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Relief print and pigment

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Keywords: Meditation, Trees, Walking, printing, found objects, environment, landscapes, Neo-romantics, mysticism, Buddhism