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Niamh Smith

Illustration, BA (Hons)


About me

I am an artist with an obsession for mushrooms and all things creepy but cute. I enjoy creating tattoo-styled illustrations and my dream client would be to work for Vans or Route One, the skate shop. I am also highly fascinated with the whole concept of death and decay but have a habit of making my images into something far more trippy and surreal, complimented with obscure colour palettes.

The Batsford prize competition really helped me with my confidence and finding my style. Exploring things that brought me peace really helped me reflect on what makes me happy and what I enjoy drawing and producing. I found myself never really enjoying colour until I was challenged with this task and for that, I’m very grateful. I will continue this journey using colour from now on, with the colour palettes that work for me.

Mushroom Mural

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Cat and Mushroom trippy cafe

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Trippy cat cafe

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Keywords: spooky, trippy, cute, surreal, unusual, obscure, colourful

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