Nithin Thakadiyel Jose

Master of Graphic Design

About me

I’m Nithin Thakadiyel Jose. I am from the beautiful state Kerala in India. Getting ambitious and pursuing a dream career in which I can contribute my creative thoughts leads me to become a graphic designer. From my childhood itself I found interest in sketching and colouring and that was my foundation. It’s been five years I started graphic designing as my career and I am still learning and learning to successfully drive through that creative path which leads me to infinity.

My proposed study is on ‘The importance of yoga in daily life’. Stress, mental anxieties and mental illness are some of the biggest problems that today’s generation is facing a lot, many of them are failing to conquer over it. The reason behind this is the lack of will power and absence of mind. As an aspiring graphic designing student, I like to express my thoughts by running an awareness campaign about the importance of yoga to the people. ‘ATMA’ is a brand created with the purpose of making awareness in people regarding the Importance of Yoga in daily life.

Keywords: Graphic designing, Illustration, branding, drawings