Ottilia Chimhanda

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a female multimedia artist, who works with paint, print, ceramics, mixed media and recently sound. I aim for my work to reflect my experiences as a black woman. I am currently working on work that focusing on the many branches linked with identity.

I have an extended diploma BTEC in art and design (fine art) from Pendleton collage and am looking forward to adding this degree to my achievements, in hopes that it will help me in my artistic future.

My art practice predominately explores the relationship I have between two cultural influences in my life that being my birth county of Zimbabwe and the UK (United Kingdom) which is where I was brought up. My pieces operate as a physical depiction of my inner thoughts and help me digest the emotions linked to my past experiences. I have begun the process of relearning my mother tongue in hopes of gaining back what I had lost.

sound bite of me trying to correctly say a sentence in shona .

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Keywords: artist, art, black, blackwomen, afo, mother tongue