Olivia Jones

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

Olivia Mia Jones, 24.
BA (Hons) Fine Art Graduate May 2021.
Painter and digital designer.
Produced work and exhibitions within Hanover, UCLan.

Throughout my time studying fine art at UCLan, I have engaged with activities to gain knowledge, experience and transferable skills such as, life drawing and sculpting classes. Both providing valuable skills that I have been able to transfer to many projects over my time at UCLan.

However, during the past year I have been focusing on the traditional format of painting and applying this to a digital application. I will be taking this forward and continuing my artist development within this subject area during future projects.

My project correlates within the contemporary practice, which explores the theme of nature with a crossover of interior design and therapeutic practice. I begin with the traditional format of acrylic painting and then pick elements to create details within a digital format within Photoshop. Creating interesting and unique prints that can be applicable to diverse materials. Colour is the key essence and structure to my pieces in turn constructing tasteful clashes that you would see within the interior design world.

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