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Graphic Design, BA (Hons)

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Hi name is Philip, a 24-year-old from Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland and the “fastest graphic designer in the UK and Ireland.”

Now you’re probably wondering, what makes him the fastest? Can he put together a creative brand identity in record time? Produce event signage yesterday? Well, with enough coffee yes. But that’s not why I have my title, as unofficial as it may be. Aside from being a graphic designer, I’m also a multiple championship winning rally driver and have been involved in motorsport from a very young age.

I have 8 months experience in the Graphic Design industry, successfully working and managing projects from multi-million-dollar companies from the studio and remotely.

At my time in university, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to win a D&AD New Blood Pencil. To see this project and more, please visit my website at

My D&AD New Blood winning entry, Heineken Dutch Courage is a festival based event, where people are challenged to reinvent themselves and come face their fears head on. The goal is for people to meet, support, share and bond over their fears through a fresh and rewarding experience.

Loughshore Brewing Co is a small beer brewing company made up of 3 close friends based in Antrim, Northern Ireland. They are passionate about surrounding area and heritage that Lough Neagh holds, so wants each of their flavours to pay homage and connect to the lough.


  • 2023 D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner

Dutch Courage

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Loughshore Brewing Co

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Keywords: Branding, Graphic Design, Creative, D&AD New Blood, Design, Packaging

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