Rachelle Blondel

Master of Ceramics

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After a long and varied career in the arts Rachelle has finally settled with the notion of clay as a material best placed to visualise the noise in her head.

Using many techniques and experiences gathered over the years clay as a material is currently the most adept way to express her voice as an artist.

The curated shore is a fluid and every changing subject as much as we can be sure that the tide will flow in and ebb back out.

Consider the cycles, the layers, are the inner or outer surfaces of the bowls similar to those of ourselves. How could the touch of the ceramic surface transport us into our memories? Our inner truth vs the outward perceptions of who we are considered to be. Smooth clean lines or broken sharp edges. Walking the strandline as the tide turns, the edges, the spaces between the land, sea and sky. A gathering of journeys, a narrative. By curating a strandline with pebbles and bowls the viewer is invited to consider what the scattered bowls and stones may mean to them.


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shallow water

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surface of the landscape

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strandline - i

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Keywords: ceramics, porcelain, strandline, surface texture, ceramic artist, coastal landscape, rocks and stones