Robbie Dillon

Product Design, BA (Hons)

About me

The experiences I have had during my time at UCLan will stay with me forever. Working with a variety of software, tools, and techniques has allowed me to enhance and develop my skills in all areas of product design. The help from my tutors and fellow students has been paramount in this and I believe I am coming out of university in a brilliant position with a wealth of experience in all things product design.

From class presentations to trips to London, the course has been a varied experience with some ups and some downs that will put me and everyone else on the course in good stead for future employment.

My honours project was based around healthcare, which is obviously something very important to us all. Researching into the different areas of healthcare, specifically the NHS, was an interesting task as there are many pros and cons in this area. Settling on a pain point within the NHS and coming up with an innovative product to help tackle the issue was a tough task, and is one I have learnt a whole lot from.

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