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Rory Mellor

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works with digital media and sculptural installation to explore intersections between environmentalism, spirituality and community. The impact of the global pandemic during my studies led me to focus on digital media to create paintings and animation for my degree show. My current practice revolves around my interest in spirituality and introspection, and I have created an interactive installation-based work in which the audience can experience the artwork and have space to reflect.

The Installation comprises four 90 x 112cm prints inside a hexagonal structure that has an open archway entrance, facing the individual (the space lends well to having it be a personal one-at-a-time experience) as they enter there is a screen playing an animation. The animation depicts the fool character (portrayed as an anthropomorphic bearded dragon) experiencing magic and nature simultaneously and then interacting with the High Priestess card.

The Moon

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High Priestess

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Wheel of Fortune

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Scene from 'The Fool's Journey'

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Keywords: Fantasy, Digital art, Esoteric, Spiritual, Astrology, Paintings, Tarot Cards, Illustration, Fine Art, Environmentalism, Installation

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