Becky Atherton

Master of Fine Art

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About me

I am an artist and freelance community art practitioner. I run an unincorporated arts association called ArtFull and work across the North West of England but primarily Preston.

Having completed my BA over 30 years ago, I have again found my own creative voice working on my MA and exploring mythology and the mythological representation of women. I have exhibited my work extensively online during lockdown reaching audiences in London, America, India and Nova Scotia and have had physically exhibited at Pineapple Black Gallery, the Atkinson, the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library and the World of Glass in St Helens.

Through my work I explore the mythological representation of women and how stories have been influenced and reengineered by patriarchy. How women have been written out or faded in the background of folklore and how stories have been changed to fit in with this ideology. Using surrealist /fantasy style paintings and headdresses, juxtaposed with text I will challenge the materialistic patriarchal society we live in, by providing an alternative. The intent is to encourage people to think beyond the limits of religion, domestic lives, money, and wealth and explore stories and other possibilities and ways of being and thinking.

Celebrating Female Reformers of 1819, fighting hard with peaceful protest at Peterloo. Politicians and press dehumanized them calling them witches and shape shifters, but they gave them iconic presence, winged, part bird, ram and stag.

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The Death of Austerity is the only male character within my current work and it depicts a great lumbering beast. This is my interpretation of the political, social and economic situation we find ourselves in.

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The Fall of the Valkyries, with all their power; being intermediaries between humans and gods have through time and telling of different stories been reduced to being weak and passed between men.

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The gathering is a four-piece headdress sculpture, depicting the Harpy/Lilith, Mari, Titania/AliceNutter and Brunhilde, real and mythological female characters holding court and being remembered.

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Keywords: MA Fine Art