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Ryana Rockey

Master of Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion


About me

I’m Ryana, a dedicated individual with a passion for the intersection of design, fashion, and sustainability. Holding a Master’s degree in Design, I ventured into the world of fashion consultancy, leveraging my creativity and expertise. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion, my journey has been marked by a commitment to sustainable clothing practices. From the onset of my postgraduate studies, I’ve delved deep into researching eco-friendly fashion alternatives, a quest I’m excited to carry forward in my current academic pursuit.

Design has always been my heartbeat, and fashion promotion, my canvas. With each step, I’ve strived to infuse innovation and sustainability, advocating for responsible consumption in the industry. My trajectory encapsulates an unwavering dedication to transforming the fashion landscape. Looking ahead, I aim to continue blending my creative passion, strategic insight, and sustainable values to make a positive impact, fostering a greener and more stylish world.

Embark on an innovative journey as my project collaborates with ELV DENIM to curate an exceptional collection of sustainable denim bags. This collaborative endeavour merges denim’s timeless allure with ELV DENIM’s commitment to transparent, eco-conscious practices. Each bag, a testament to upcycling and creativity, weaves a unique narrative of repurposed denim garments transformed into considered, stylish, and enduring designs. Our project envisions redefining sustainable accessories, offering conscious consumers a range of exclusive denim bags that resonate with both fashion and responsibility.

Keywords: fashion, fashion promotion, denim, sustainable accessories, denim bags

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