Samuel Caldwell

Architecture (Foundation Entry)

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About me

I am a prospective Part 1 architecture student looking forward to many years studying architectural practice and finding my path through the world of architecture to produce my own ideas. I have taken up many leadership roles in both my educational and personal life, including the position of head boy in my last year of sixth form. I have also worked voluntary as a corporal in the army cadets for six years’ service and received many awards and qualifications including a BTEC in public services.

My art gallery final major project title is "Concrete Jungle" which is a play on the metaphor because my project incorporates both concrete structures that I incorporated due to my developing interest in brutalist architecture, contrasted with vegetation and a jungle inspired exhibition for public viewing. The oppositions illustrate the beauty that is being destroyed and convey how the two choices we have visually collide within each space.

Keywords: Jungle, concrete