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Stephen Leighton

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

About me

My name is Stephen, I’m an aspiring architect from Cumbria. This degree has been a formative experience for me as I arrived at university with little art experience and have developed into a competent designer who can take an initial idea all the way through to a finished product. One aspect of the course which I found interesting was the way context (site and social) can inform the creative process to produce a design which is bespoke not just to the user but to the physical environment, architecture which works with people and place. Outside academic study I took up the role of class representative which developed my teamworking and social skills through being a liaison between students and tutors. Overall this experience has given me the skills needed to go into the professional world with confidence and curiosity to learn more.

This project is located in Lisbon, Portugal. The brief was to create a community centre with a focus on an aging population. To provide meaning which may have been lost through retirement I have incorporated an allotment into my design which will bring people back and give them a reason to visit. To aid in the navigation of the site I’ve used two circulation towers (which also aid in ventilation), not only can they be used as reference points, but one of the towers also holds toilet facilities of each floor again aiding in a challenged elderly persons experience.

Keywords: GBIA, Architecture, Community, Design, Lisbon, Portugal, Environmental, Elderly, Allotment

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