Sarah Doherty

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

Studying fine art has enabled me to curate my own solo exhibition, take part in various volunteer opportunities in galleries and museums, and push my personal boundaries in painting and installation work.

I am very interested in research and I have developed a passion for art exploring issues around borders, migration and social justice.
I have developed a lot of independence and self-sufficiency which has enabled me to grow in confidence as an artist.

Despite migrants and the act of migration being an inherent part of human history and development- their rights have been dramatically restricted. I discovered the Maps for Deceased Migrants complied by Humane Borders and Pima OME. These maps document a detailed record of the deaths of over 3,000 Mexican migrants who died attempting to cross the border from Mexico to America through the Sonoran Desert. From this information, I developed a handwritten archive detailing the ID numbers, names and coordinates of each person. This process was a labour-intensive act of solidarity and a memorial for their suffering and loss.

Keywords: Borders, Migration, Social Justice, America, Mexico