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Architecture (Foundation Entry)

About me

This year I have been able to learn and develop new skills which has helped me so much and I know will continue to help me throughout the next few years. This year Ive accomplished the nomination for the degree show awards where I was able to show and talk about my project which was a great experience. I can’t thank enough the tutors and the help everyone has given me.

The two projects are a nursery and a floating retreat which are both located in Avenham park.

For the nursery the design is based of curiosity as well as the children growing up, the shape similar to a question mark and the stair like roof. I have tried to make it so that there e is plenty of space for them to learn and have fun.

the pontoons design is based on nature like the bark on trees, but instead of making it out of wood I decided metal to combine the built environment to nature.

Keywords: Nursery, Pontoon, Floating retreat

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