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Sara Polli

Master of Surface Pattern and Textiles

About me

I’m Sara Polli a geometric fine artist based in Preston who creates detailed , interlocking patterns that seems to create an illusion of 3D effect on a 2D surface.

My journey started after studying BA Fine arts in which I created 3D circle installations out of various materials to create an eye catching effect of being able to see through one circle to another.

This was then carried onto my MA Surface Pattern and Textiles course in which I carried my installations into design and how viewers can feel the effect of 3D on a wall or large canvas. With the use of geometric and black and white techniques, my drawing skills started to develop into therapeutic patterns which was successfully implemented.

I was pleased with how my technique is similar to the working pattern of interior designers, resembling the drawing technique as the foundation for wallpapers or any design to be made from just a pen and paper, continued through repetition of pattern.

My project is focused on developing my skills in movement of pattern through carrying out the theme of circles based upon my journey through art how it becomes a therapeutic aspect as a de – stress for the mind, and how the doingness of patterns aids relaxation allowing new unique ideas to occur whilst drawing which changes in the process into a much greater masterpiece.

My aim is to allow audience to visualise how they see and feel towards the pattern and encounter illusionary aspects as the eyes travel deeper into the pathway of continuous design.

The process of making on my social media allows viewers to feel relaxed through the movement of the hand providing a harmonious effect to see the process of design from start to finish. I want viewers to feel uplifted and explore more of therapeutic patterns to help promote positivity through meditative art practice.

Several pathways has allowed my circular patterns to travel into interiors through physically painting them directly onto feature walls and using interlocking works to fill arch’s. On the other hand, creating large frames to place on walls is something I shall continue to work upon for viewers to enjoy and utilise my design and enable to transform spaces for living.


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