Seth Whiteside

Games Design, BA (Hons)

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About me

Hello, I am Seth Whiteside, a game designer who specializes in 2D art and aspires to make memorable and creative character designs and concept art.

I take inspiration with character design from the likes of cartoons, high fantasy games like World of warcraft and many other things that inspire me.

I have grown up with video games and they have made me who I am today; they’ve stoked my imagination time and time again and given so many characters that are relatable and have helped me grow as a person. Games have such a wide span of what they can do, from telling meaningful stories with fun gameplay to making a wonderful engaging visual experience. I hope to be able to make designs for characters in games that people will not forget.

First project displayed really helped me when practicing simple shading and consistent stylized cute art. Second project displayed showed me how world building and high fantasy character development in design works. Third project displayed helped me develop my environmental art and drawing skills and gave me more opportunities to make characters wear more casual wear, helping me practice with materials.

Keywords: Games Design, 2D Art, Character Design