Shiryn Wynter

Master of Fine Art

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About me

I am painter who is socially engaged, who is process and materials driven. I create larger than life pieces of abstract imaginary landscapes creating the illusion of being able to step right into the painting. Hori-zontal, brightly coloured fanciful landscapes with a high horizon that aim to draw you in.The paintings are fragments and glimpses of a place and time better than our own. Paintings to communicate a fluid dreamlike imagery using vivid bright colours and expressive brushwork. The process is intuitive and although created from imagination reaches out to a real audience. The work lets the audience Imagine twilight magical hours where things can immerge. Changing worlds by creating portals into the imagination by creating dreamlike narratives that seem almost under water. Making art that means something to the audience and making paintings that have the feeling that other worlds are possible.

As a socially engaged artist, through my work I would like to spark a conversation about art and how it makes you feel. What you see, think about when you experience the work. Does it affect your mood? Your day. Do you think about it long after seeing it? I set up a doorstep gallery for six months inside a shopping centre and asked people these questions about how art can effect mindset and mood,by displaying my large scale pieces to see if they alone could create an immersive experience.


  • Harris Open Exhibition Preston, December 2018
  • ‘Stillness’ Pavilion, Preston, May 2018
  • ‘Spectacle’ Kutchenhaus, Preston, January 2018
  • ‘Fragmented ‘Hanover Project, Preston, October 2017
  • ‘Community’ Leyland Community, Preston May 2019
  • ‘Collaboration’ Pr1 Gallery, Preston September 2019
  • Awards and Residencies
  • Tom Buckroyd Award, University of Central Lancashire, 2019
  • Propeller Enterprise award, University of Central Lancashire 2019

I like to work on multiple pieces at the same time

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'Another World ' oils and mixed media on canvas

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'The essence of Summer' oils and mixed media on canvas

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'Intoxicating' oils and mixed media on canvas

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'After the rain' oils and mixed media on canvas

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Keywords: painting, Abstract, oil painting, large scale, mixed media, landscape, flowers, imaginary worlds, artist, socially engaged