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At the Grenfell-Baines Institute of Architecture, graduating students possess the skills necessary to employ creative and critical analysis to propose and solve complex architectural ideas. Our students are ambitious, talented, collaborative, and engaged. They have an understanding of how architecture can be utilized to address contemporary global issues at the local level.

Our BSc (Hons) Architecture Degree Show showcases two primary themes: Architecture for Education and Architecture for Wellbeing. In this year’s show, we continue our exploration of the coastal towns of Northwest England by focusing on Southport Town.

In the first semester, students were tasked with designing a space or room for learning that interacts with Southport’s renowned pier. Following that, they developed a primary school design that challenges traditional educational space configurations.

In the second semester, students delved into the impact of architectural design on user wellbeing by designing a community centre. While one group of students explored this theme further within Southport Town, another group decided to test their ideas in a new overseas coastal environment in Lisbon, Portugal.

Overall, the BSc (Hons) Architecture Degree Show highlights our students’ ability to generate creative solutions to complex problems while addressing global issues at a local leve

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