Architecture (Foundation Entry)

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The BSc (Hons) Architecture Foundation Entry route includes a preparatory year introducing freehand and technical drawing, Auto CAD software and model-making skills. The course includes the study of contemporary and historical architectural contexts enabling a wide range of individuals the access to study in a culturally diverse learning environment to acquire a combination of artistic and digital industry skills involving emerging technologies.

The course included the opportunity for students to join the annual GBIA European study visit to Lisbon this year and experience the city’s architecture and culture. Students also gathered research on curatorial practice and further their knowledge of international architecture.

The three studio design projects this year focused on the research and development of an off-grid floating retreat exploring climate change that is situated along the River Ribble, Preston. Students also created an infill gallery exploring sustainability sited within a block of Guildhall Street in the city of Preston and a community nursery school located in Avenham Park, Preston.

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Kyla Rancapero
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David Chukwuka John Azuka
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