Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

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Our Fashion Design Degree Show presents work from the class of 2023, our future fashion designers. We feature a broad range of creativity and skills within this showcase, which is a culmination of three or four years of study learning the craft of becoming a fashion designer. Students have created a final collection and professional portfolio containing final year modules that are a mix of market levels, specialisms and creativity that is both experimental and customer focused.

Each digital portfolio highlights a breadth of fashion knowledge, sustainability, and diversity. This year’s body of work includes highly creative design solutions alongside commercial practice, something we are recognised for here at UCLan. The work features design development, manufacture, and illustration/CAD skills that highlight versatility that is essential in today’s fast-moving creative landscape. Each student responded to the final year projects in a highly personal way, considering sustainable practice, highly personal narratives, and innovative textile solutions.

In a world where problem solving using fresh perspectives and new creative approaches are becoming key considerations, for both new and established fashion business, we feel our students have the comprehensive skill base needed to take on future challenges within the industry.

Clio Waller's portfolio
Clio Waller
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Niamh Cull's portfolio
Niamh Cull
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Kadie Ashworth's portfolio
Kadie Ashworth
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Ellie Finch's portfolio
Ellie Finch
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Megan Hird's portfolio
Megan Hird
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Felix Roche's portfolio
Felix Roche
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Maariyah Adam's portfolio
Maariyah Adam
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Agneta Steina's portfolio
Agneta Steina
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Kyah Roberts's portfolio
Kyah Roberts
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Cara Yeung's portfolio
Cara Yeung
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Oreoluwa Aibinu's portfolio
Oreoluwa Aibinu
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Adam Gronback's portfolio
Adam Gronback
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Maleeha Rajab Ali's portfolio
Maleeha Rajab Ali
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Mia Cranston's portfolio
Mia Cranston
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Emma Whistlecroft's portfolio
Emma Whistlecroft
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Amy Whistlecroft's portfolio
Amy Whistlecroft
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Qadra Jilly's portfolio
Qadra Jilly
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