Master of Children’s Book Illustration

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We are a small but ambitious course supporting our students to develop their individual professional portfolios finding their particular voice and ways of working within the context of Children’s publishing. An ever evolving industry which responds to the same demands and challenges as our young audience helping them to understand the world in which they live. We consider the evolving world of publishing by offering students the opportunity to explore a range of formats including graphic novels. Built on a well developed heritage the course has had many winners and commendations in international competitions and our MA students have collectively won dozens of prizes.

Yu-Hua Ho's portfolio
Yu-Hua Ho
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Genevieve Aspinall's portfolio
Genevieve Aspinall
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Jack Ratchford's portfolio
Jack Ratchford
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Lucy Mulligan's portfolio
Lucy Mulligan
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Danielle Dey's portfolio
Danielle Dey
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Mya Mitchell's portfolio
Mya Mitchell
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