Textile Design, BA (Hons)

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The BA (Hons) Textile Design class of 2023 degree show presents the creative output of our students who have specialised in surface pattern design, textile design and textile art.

Our Textile students have made the most of all the facilities the University has to offer and have applied these into every aspects of their projects. Traditional print methods have been combined with digital print to create layered and complex surface patterns. Irish machine embroidery and hand embroidery have added detail and depth to create opulent accessory collections. Ceramics has been used to bring 3D concepts to life thus creating another surface for pattern to be applied. The degree show this year is a cornucopia of mediums and outcomes showing the breadth of skills the students learn

The students have been informed by interesting starting points such as; flash bulb memories , Overheard bus ride conversations, Baroque architecture, towers of Copenhagen and  Topiary and stately homes.

Our course endeavours to allow students creative freedom to grow and flourish in their chosen field. Through hard work, determination, perseverance and a sense of community our graduating class of 2023 have done this amazingly well.

We are proud of the class of 2023 and their vision for future success and desire to succeed, the final collections highlight a range of innovative designs which is a testament to their hard work and passion. The students will graduate with the creative skills to succeed in their chosen textiles career.

Georgia Lee's portfolio
Georgia Lee
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Juliette Decap's portfolio
Juliette Decap
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Andrea Banks
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Hex Gregson
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Aamina Desai
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Bethany Carr
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Holly Atherton
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Bethany Harrison
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Lucy Fletcher
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Allana Millband
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Samuel Pilkington
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Ellie Shaw
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