Faye Taylor-McCormick


Faye Taylor-McCormick


Photography, BA (Hons)



Hi, I am Faye Taylor-Mccormick I am a fashion photographer predominantly working within a studio. I love creating work that creates emotion and continuously push myself technically to create images for clients. I have a love for photo-collage and analogue that helps drive me to look more creatively into my images.

Project overview

Raw Vulnerability

In this work ‘Raw Vulnerability’ I want to encapture the sense of fragility and power that can be seen through this complex emotion, not only by the model being pictured but the audience due to the fragility and softness it embodies. 

I chose vulnerability as it is an abstract emotion that can be viewed in many different lights in a general sense, it can represent a scared, weak feeling that is uncomfortable for the person whilst there is a beauty and strength that is underlying that shows resilience and power. Capturing this on images using a format that limits the number of images able to be taken adds to the idea of ‘Raw’ emotion that comes from the model adding authenticity. 

I chose to focus on what can be considered the strongest and weakest part of the body of my model, the back muscles are one of the most vital muscles for the human body for strength and power yet the inability to see behind us adds this sense of vulnerability. I also chose to shoot close up to the face of the model adding intimacy and fragility through the eyes, one of the vital senses yet the most delicate. This has created a sense of weakness and power depicting vulnerability in its rawest form.

Project tags

  • Photography
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Faye Taylor-McCormick named Raw Vulnerability


UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Faye Taylor-McCormick named Raw Vulnerability