Gobo Anderson


Illustration, BA (Hons)



Art has been my lifelong passion, though it wasn't until starting this illustration degree three years ago that I allowed myself to pursue it as more than just a hobby. 


I live vicariously through the fictional realms I bring to life on the page - taming dragons, exploring uncharted lands, and giving form to the weird creatures that dwell in the depths of my inspired imagination. My focus is character and creature design, both original works and reinterpretations of established fictional worlds that I shamelessly eat. 


I have a particular affinity for dramatic lighting, reveling in the chance to cast my subjects in stark, high-contrast tones. More recently I've been branching out into rendering the backdrops and maps for the adventures I envision, an outlet that has allowed me to expand the scope of my worldbuilding ambitions. 


In the end, I'm just a fantasy-obsessed doodler who has been lucky enough to hone his self-indulgent passions into a craftable skill over the course of this degree. I create the art I do because it's quite literally the only thing I can picture myself doing with my life. Luckily there seems to be an audience for that sort of thing.

Project overview

The Seven Havens - A D&D adventure book

The Seven Havens D&D Adventure Book is a self-initiated project I undertook as part of my final year of my illustration degree. 

As someone who is passionate about depicting fantasy characters and worlds in my artwork, and who has spent a lot of time running homebrew D&D campaigns, the idea of illustrating my own adventure book was both exciting and daunting. 

The final product is a 36 page hardback book containing a fully-illustrated front cover and various drawings I created in order to bring the world of the story alive: from environment/landscape paintings, to character illustrations, to a detailed map and other small assets for flavour. Additionally, the book contains ink sketches from the perspective of the protagonist, Cyprus.

Project tags

  • Illustration