Architecture (Foundation Entry)



I have always has a passion for designing from a young age, architecture piqued my interest back in school when I was still learning and developing my skills in the creative arts field. I'm inspired by so many aspects when it comes to architecture but one aspect is how the subject can be more than just artificial. 


I entered into this course already acquiring an array of knowledge about architecture that helped me immensely throughout the year and still the foundation year has taught me more skills and given me more experience to aid me in my careers and journey as an architect.

Project overview

Avenham Park

My final major project was focusing on us designing a lovable floating structure that can reside on the river ribble in Preston beside Avenham park. 

The past year I had to explore many different designs, themes, models, materials to identify which of those suited best for the kind of structure I was aiming to make. My aim was to make a sustainable, environment friendly residential home that can balance and have stability on the river even in the extreme weather conditions up north which cause the water levels to rise. 

I conduced in depth research into environmental studies of the local area, global warming, the different types of pontoons that could support my structure as well as materials, water supply, electric supply and ventilation. After exploring and looking at many different designs for the research on floating homes I decided on designing 

and creating several concept models each with their own technical drawings exploring in 3 and 2 dimensional detail. carrying on I designed a final model using one of the design concepts and modified it on a bigger scale to create my final model for my FMP.

Project tags

  • Architectural