Hannah Davies


Hannah Davies


Animation, BA (Hons)



My name is Hannah Davies, I am an animator based in the North West of England. 


I specialise in 2D animation but have recently taken an interest in bringing 3D elements into my work. Outside of animation I enjoy working on character designs and concept art. 


I started animating as a child, making stopmotion films using Lego with my friend, but only started considering it as a potential career option after I saw a Disney Channel documentary on the making of Frozen in 2014. 


My work is often inspired by my personal experiences, such as childhood memories and holidays around the UK. I enjoy learning about British folklore and am planning to develop some short films surrounding the stories that interest me most in the future. 


When I’m not working, I enjoy using my creativity in other ways, such as developing science fiction and fantasy stories for my own characters and made up worlds.

Project overview

The Artist's Assistant

In my short film “The Artist’s Assistant”, Hailey, an artist struggling to create what she hopes will be her next masterpiece, finds herself at odds with her cat, Kandinsky. 

While Hailey is trying to work on her painting, Kandinsky seems much more interested in ruining it. Throughout the film Hailey learns that Kandinsky’s chaotic, destructive influence may be just what she needs to create a piece of work that she is truly happy with. 

This film is about learning to accept help when it is needed and reaching the understanding that you do not have to work alone to be proud of what you have created, ideas that I have struggled with in my own work. I was inspired by my own cat, Sooty, who used to nudge my hands and attack my pencils while I was drawing, and who’s red paint pawprints still haven’t been cleaned off my floor.

Project tags

  • Animation
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Hannah Davies named The Artist's Assistant

A struggling artist finds herself at odds with her cat- my 3rd year final project