Jasmin Honeyball


Jasmin Honeyball


Textile Design, BA (Hons)



I am a Textile designer specializing in Children's wear design and illustration. I'm passionate about designing prints that make you smile and telling stories through my work. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to print design, I have a keen eye for detail and love to create bright and colourful concepts, that inspire children to use their imagination and creativity. I have a love for all things creative, I am always trying new ways to enhance my craft, and developing my skills in Photoshop, illustrator, animation, drawings and fashion design.

Project overview

Little Explorers

Through my Childrens collection I want to inspire children’s creativity, reinviting children to explore the world of nature and educate them of the beauties of the natural world. As the price of holidays abroad continue to raise, many parents are turning to UK holidays, such as camping trips and glamping. I wanted to make a collection that brings back excitement to camping holiday adventures, that children can learn from while also having fun. Embark on a thrilling journey with our enchanting children's collection, ‘Little Explorers.' This whimsical ensemble invites young adventurers to discover the wonders of nature, camping, and exploration. 'Little Explorers’ is a celebration of curiosity, instilling in children a love for nature, camaraderie, and the thrill of embarking on their own adventures in the picturesque landscapes of the English countryside.

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Jasmin Honeyball named Little Explorers