Jean McDonald


Jean McDonald


Fine Art, BA (Hons)



Art has been a lifelong passion for me, a constant companion and a profound source of inspiration. I have enjoyed an enriching journey of developing my skills and academic life in the studio and in education. 

Project overview

Continuing the Journey

My art practice is the production of fresh, colourful compositions using acrylic, oil, gouache and commercial paints influenced by my love of nature, dance and the theatre. Through my synaesthesia, I strive to convey my experience and vision of the world, in a transformative manner. 

In 2023, I successfully curated my first solo exhibition, which introduced me to the local art community and deepened my commitment to exploring and developing my practice with others.

Project tags

  • Fine art
  • Mixed Media
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Jean McDonald named Continuing the Journey

My Father's Toolbox and Manchester Blossoms