Karla Faith Cunningham


Karla Faith Cunningham


Dance Performance and Teaching, BA (Hons)



I am Karla Cunningham, and I am from Preston. I was drawn to UCLan because of the area it is in, being close to home, and the social and welcoming feeling the university gave when I visited. I was also interested in developing my knowledge and passion for dance, and continuing to grow as a teacher in this field, to share my passion with others.

Project overview

Final Year Dance Program

As a final year student on the BA Hons Dance Performance and Teaching course, I embarked on a research project, where I chose to focus on how the use of music in my dance facilitation could support creative expression in dance students, aged 12-16 in a private dance school. 

This independent project focused on how I developed, planned, and facilitated a 4-week workshop series on placement with dance students aged 12-16 as my participants, which explored this research topic. This research was initially explored through the undertaking of field research, through movement practice and literature- based research. 

This field review then informed the basis of my practice methodology, which outlined my practical approaches to the research and the evaluation methods that I employed to collect qualitative data from my participants, my peer observer and my own personal reflections through journaling and camera footage. My findings were then written up into my development of practice chapter, as a part of a 7000-word independent project report.

Project tags

  • Dance
  • Performance
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Karla Faith Cunningham named Final Year Dance Program

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