Katie Simpson


Photography, BA (Hons)



My name is Katie Simpson, I am a photographer who has focussed on various styles of photography over the years; sports, documentary, portraiture and street, but I have always found my best work to be on feminist projects that are personal and self-reflective. 


I enjoy working when I have passion that motivates the project; I feel I have a lot to say regarding femininity. My current project, for example, is based on my personal narrative of rape, in which I tell my story whilst highlighting myths and stereotypes around rape culture.

Project overview


Addressing stereotypes and myths in rape culture whilst questioning the justice system and what can or can not be used as evidence, through piecing together the details of my personal narrative. 

According to Rape Crisis England and Wales, 1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted as an adult and 1 in 2 adult survivors of rape have experienced it more than once. This project shows the story of a victim becoming a survivor and using my experience to empower others to know they are not alone.

Project tags

  • Photography