Ryan Chaney


Ryan Chaney


Games Design, BA (Hons)



I specialise in Level and Game design, often coming up with weird and wonderful concepts. I strive for a "player first" perspective with my designs and always look to create the best possible player experience in gameplay. Outside of games design, I am an avid reader of novels and non-fiction, and can often be found with my nose in a book. I will regularly be found digging through the crates at record stores too!

Project overview

Project Respawn

This project was focused on learning the design techniques of Respawn Entertainment. I did this by following a GDC talk by Christopher Dionne who introduced the idea of "Action Blocks", a form of breaking down gameplay moments into small, disposable chunks. From there I created a level based on a concept I felt fit my own style of third-person adventure games with a quick pace and a lot of fluidic movement.

Project tags

  • Games design
  • Media
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Ryan Chaney named Project Respawn


Project Respawn Playthrough Video