Saffron Griffiths


Saffron Griffiths


Interior Design, BA (Hons)



I am an outgoing individual who likes everything weird and wonderful - My eyes are always drawn to the arts that are not necessarily 'pretty'. I enjoy work that has a deeper meaning, and as a result my project reflects this greatly. 


Carrying out research is an aspect of design that I enjoy the most and I believe that you must design to cater to the user's needs, even if that may not look the prettiest. Throughout this project I wanted to explore an area that will be very unlikely for me to come across in industry, hence this massive refurbishment project of The Victoria Bath House in Manchester. This project pushed me and I have fallen into a love relationship with it, but now as I come to the end of my degree I am proud to say this is my final major project.

Project overview


Society X Sustainability  - From understanding this area of Manchester, there is a noticeable lack of safe spaces for men. As a result, Victoria Bath House will be re-purposed to fill the gap that is present in the shortfall of male mental health support. 

In order to give this space a meaningful purpose, it was also necessary for me to reconnect the community with Victoria Bath House. This project focused on bringing together both young and older generations through bike building. 

Men often struggle with severe isolation and lack of education, leading to poor mental health. The aim is to repurpose the bath house into a friendly and inviting environment for men. Here they can communicate, learn new skills, build friendships and support systems and breakaway from the boys will be boys environment. 

This space has been successfully created by bringing the community into this project. With generous old bicycle donations from the public, men are able to learn new skills, gain a new space, and build support groups with each other. Once these refurbished bicycles are back in society they can help individuals attend classes, get to work, and find a job, therefore creating a greener Manchester. 

There also is a programme in certain jails across the UK that allow convicts to earn a certificate in bike building, this means that this space offers a better opportunity for them to get back into society again and for them to use their skills to better the community. 2Wheeler does 2 things, it benefits men's mental health and also the community.

Project tags

  • Interior design
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Saffron Griffiths named 2WHEELER

Upstairs entrance POV

Inside walkthrough of 2WHEELR

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Saffron Griffiths named 2WHEELER


UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Saffron Griffiths named 2WHEELER