Sam Berry


Sam Berry


Animation, BA (Hons)



My name is Sam Berry I’ve taken part in a three-year course for animation, during my time I have learned a good range of animation skills varying from 2D keyframing to 3D modelling and even tracking footage in editing. 

While a good portion of my work has been done in 2D, I’ve found myself fascinated by 3D animation and editing. I’ve always been interested in animation from a young age, I occasionally play online games and have investigated their development, from pixel art styles to motion capture, the animation that goes into games can be what truly brings them to life. I hope to continue my animation studies, whether that’s in a work environment or in my free time, I hope to improve my skills.

Project overview

Music Mastery

My animation acted as an experiment for my studies on 3D animation and editing, I wanted to learn how to model and animate on a 3D software, I also wanted to learn a good range of skills in editing, adding effects and using keyframes. 

I chose to make my animation a music video as I believe it allowed me to both; do an animation in 3D and have a lot of editing involved. The music video itself is done to a piece of music done by the music department; it doesn’t have any lyrics, but it features three instruments; a guitar, keyboard and drums. 

The story, is a simple story of acceptance, Boom-box plays his instrument alone, before other spawn playing their instrument better and creating effects while doing it, Boom-Box gets upset that he cant create effects like the others, but he persists through and starts to enjoy himself rather than focusing on his lack of effects, while the other two compete against one-another before they collide, the energy causes a disruption, that leaves Boom-Box as the only one standing with the power of the others, he then continues to play to his hearts content.

Project tags

  • Animation
  • 3D
  • Media
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Sam Berry named Music Mastery

A screenshot from the editing process

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Sam Berry named Music Mastery

My character sheet

My 3 minute animation

A short video comparing my character sheet to its model

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Sam Berry named Music Mastery

My major project poster