Tia Hodson


Tia Hodson


Graphic Design, BA (Hons)



My decision to pursue graphic design was completely random. I needed to choose a third A-level and opened my college prospectus to a random page. It just happened to be an A-level in graphic design. Through my college course I fell in love with the subject. 


I like that it requires logical thinking and problem solving but also challenges me creatively. After college I decided to pursue it further. I am now about to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Central Lancashire. I’ve loved my university course and am looking forward to new and exciting opportunities now that it has ended.

Project overview

Graduate Taster Portfolio

Recent portfolio including projects from my university degree. Projects included are: Event Posters, Cereal Boxes, Brand Extension, Fluff & Puff, Editorial.

Portfolio link: 


UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Tia Hodson named Graduate Taster Portfolio

Portfolio link: www.figma.com/proto/nRZE04YWP0NdXZYRihcEuf/TIA-HODSON-PORTFOLIO-06%3A06%3A24?node-id=1-2&t=6WkG1jE3OeaX732U-1