Tianci Mao


Animation, BA (Hons)



Before entering the university, I only had a foundation in art and had no knowledge of the animation profession. Because of the unique nature of the college entrance examination in China, I chose to major in animation with longing and apprehension. 

I mainly use Maya for 3D modelling and animation. Three-dimensional models always attract me, there are times when I would like to give up making three-dimensional animation to do 2-dimensional animation, but when I see the three-dimensional model, I still have no way to put it down. During the production period of the project, I learnt a lot about 3D modelling, which made my modelling process more professional and I was able to produce 3D models efficiently. 

During this period of study, I am very glad to meet so many students who share the same interest and love, and I will continue to study 3D animation and prepare my portfolio for applying to schools of related majors for more in-depth study in the days to come.

Project overview

3D game trailer - The Truth

I'm very emotional here, everything I've felt in the year I've been here in the UK has been unprecedented. There have been more bumps in the road than I could have imagined, and I thought I was going to be able to get through it all, but the reality of it has hit me hard. 

It's not easy to complete a project on your own, and when I see other people working on projects that are going really well, I get really anxious because it's hard for me to find my own direction. Luckily, with the guidance and advice of my teachers and the encouragement of my classmates, my broken heart was repaired and I kept getting up to face it all. 

I am really glad that I could stick to the whole work. For me, this project is an important witness of my growth, and I will go further and further on the road of 3D learning in the future.

Project tags

  • Animation
  • 3D


The Truth game trailer