Valentyna Sipova


Valentyna Sipova


Games Design, BA (Hons)



Starting my journey as a Level Designer to realise I want to think about games with deeper meaning. Designing lets me explore all parts of the creative process and allows me to learn new things every day. Designing is like art, you always have to keep things fresh and creative. 

I fell in love with video games when I played my first game Far Cry 3. I have expanded my game library quite drastically since then but playing games wasn't always just about completing them. I love to think about the game, realise what the idea behind every step was, and learn something new with every completed game. 

A good story and great gameplay are things I am looking for in the games I play. My favourite games, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and The Last of Us series, are great examples of what a good game should look like. Games have always helped me deal with all sorts of problems, I am forever grateful for that. I want to become part of what I love and create an escape from reality for someone else.

Project overview


Story Coil “Do you ever feel like running away? But no matter how far you go, and how hard you try, your position never changes. Why? Because you can’t run away from things that are inside your head.” 

Coil is my cinematic project showing the story of Mae. The feeling of being trapped inside your own head is consuming Mae from the inside. She can’t escape her biggest enemy, herself. The never-ending noise in her head feels almost deafening and yet, her mind is blank. There are only two ways to escape this endless madness, face it or run away. 

The Coil has a simple shape which is repeated over and over again feeling almost infinite. If you lay a coil on a table and place multiple people around the table. Make everyone draw what they see. Each of the drawings will look different. Now change the coil to a problem bothering you, and replace the random people with your family and friends. Different angles mean different perspectives. Unless you tell what the problem is, everyone will see it from their point of view and make their own versions of it. Assumptions which might or might not be true. “A hand reaching from the darkness. Will you reach for it or lean away?” 

Project Coil is my perspective on the shown scenario. The story told in the video, is that we constantly loop on ourselves until we face the actual problem. It’s everyone’s everyday battle. The only difference is, how we deal with the problem. Changing the approach usually leads to a different outcome, not necessarily a better one, but we learn as humans. “Will you get lost in the loop of your mistakes or will you win your war?” “The change is coming, are you ready to face it?”

Project tags

  • Games design
  • Media
UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Valentyna Sipova named Coil


Main cinematic video

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Valentyna Sipova named Coil

High resolution picture

UCLan Degree Show artwork submission by Valentyna Sipova named Coil